Youtube going full commie

Thanks for the add. Hope this pans out for us with Youtube and FB going full Marxist. Living in California I already feel under attack, and now they are pulling all the channels I like to watch.


I don’t watch a ton of firearms related videos on Youtube, but I’m not shocked that they’re taking them down. Maybe someday we can have a firearms friendly social media platform.


they have also banned all air gun channels so you folks should be concerned…

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I hope YouTube has multiple lawsuits filed against them for 1st amendment violations. We’re supposed to lay down and have our 2nd amendment rights trampled while They dictate whatever people can and cannot say on social media! Can we come up with a law that mandates that any unfavorable comment against firearms is classified as Hate speech and punishable by up to ten years in prison?

Unfortunately Tacticalmojo YouTube and other social sites are companies and not government entities so they can do what they want in regards to their content. Free speech doesn’t apply for private business.

The best way to combat this is simply leave and not use their services.

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Mr. Torque
You are correct in that statement. Thank you for visiting from the Borderlands!

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*Borderlands 2 gratuitous use of CAPITAL LETTERS is approved. You’re welcome!. :smile

Hahahah the left is pathetic

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Another user on here recommended as an alternative. They’re not federated so the platform is at the mercy of whoever owns it, but they look very committed to free speech. I would love to see more people on there to balance out the demographics because there are already a lot of alt-right users on there and I don’t want Minds to go the way of Gab.

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The Youtube channel on our Roku device has a YouTube channel with lots of movies about the wild west.
loads of gun play there.
Go figure.

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