YouTube Refugee

Time to for stuff I tried to watch on YT.
Will Yankee Marshal and Hank Strange be coming soon?


I’d love to see 704 Tactical get invited.

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Hank Strange is already on board. Let Yankee Marshall please stay away!

Some other channels worthy of an invitation are; Honest Outlaw, Colion Noir, Nutnfancy, Brent0331, Chris Bartocci, Tactissy (but she ceased all operations unfortunately). I’m sure I forgot a few. I’m very busy as my job is demanding and I simply cannot keep track of all the sites out there.

Yankee Marshall has some good videos, but his presentation is annoying.

I’d also like to see God Family and Guns get an invite. Lighter content, mostly Top-5 lists, occasionally more detailed reviews. He lost some credibility after his review of the Aguila Mini-Shells when he failed to install an OpSol mini-clip and had feed problems. He posted a video denouncing the shells but got at least fifty posts telling about the mini-clip. Kind of a basic thing to have your expertise blown up on.

YM is a bloody turd for starting that crap on Eric [iraqvet8888]! Let him stay away…


^ This. Now is not the time for in-fighting and division.

You tell him! Without going down the rabbit hole: He’s the one talkin’ trash on a very well known and widely respected pro 2A activist. If you attack Eric, you lose every credibility and don’t belong in the 2A community. So who’s deviding and in-fighting here, for Pete’s sake? I’ll repeat what I said: YM is F____n moron and a turd who doesn’t belong in our camp. He can go piss up a rope.

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I agree, he is an idiot

Johnny’s Reloading Bench, Elvis Ammo, Fortunecookie45LC, Loads of Bacon, just to rattle off some of my favorites

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Hey me too, another YouTube refugee. I found out about this site after they announced the bans.

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Hopefully this will force the hand of Full30 to start allowing more or open invites to post content freely.

Nutnfancy is the only gun channel not on Full30, that keeps me going to YouTube BUT I’ve got to wonder if the content creators will continue to do so, if YouTube shuts down all firearm content. I wouldn’t put it past Google to bury Full30 content from it’s search results.

Please also consider inviting some of the smaller channels. We need to stick together. I don’t provide any content–I just like to watch. :wink:

Additionally, Talon Sei is a channel I’d recommend. He’s very different from the “typical gun guy,” has a nice approach and incredible cinematography.

The funny thing is that most of the channels/people I like to watch couldn’t be any more different from myself, which is probably what makes thier content interesting.

Dave Canterbury’s channel “Self-reliance Outfitters” will be among the only channels I would still go back to YT for. If we could get him to merge his content here, I could swear Google off for good. That would be epic, but I’m not too sure how that would mesh with the intent of full30. (I’m still learning the platform, but have stopped by off and on for some time).

I like GarandThumbs channel over on youtube, hopefully he comes overe here to full30 .

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Yankee Marshal started shit with Iraq Veteran and apparently it got really ugly. I don’t really know well what happened. I think he accused Iraq Veteran of being paid to support the NRA and it sounds like there was a huge shitstorm of defamation.

I might keep watching his videos because they’re short and he can make good points even though talking into a camera is incredibly lame because it uses a video for something better suited to a text post.

Sometimes I think it’s good to have him as a liberal in the gun community but I’m not sure how he’s a liberal. I could say moderate conservative, but he’s probably closer to a regular conservative or an independent. As progressive-right, his views on abortion are more conservative then mine and he’s fairly conservative or at least libertarian on gay marriage. I think we’re equal on immigration and his views on transgender issues are very dated and conservative. I’m very tolerant of other people on the right who are ignorant of progressive issues who say things that aren’t PC or who don’t understand an issue, but YM is a progressive who understands liberal issues and shoots off words like tranny and says transitioning should only happen after rigorous psychological evaluation. Someone who’s more right wing then I am isn’t a liberal.

His politics aren’t relevant here so I’ll stop soapboxing.

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