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The short answer is that we don’t. To many milk toast people out in the world.

We can’t fix human nature. Hard times create good people, good people create good times, good times create bad people, bad people create hard times.

Nope, they have already shown that they can’t be trusted with 2A.

…I haven’t cast my vote on that yet :joy:


i think as long as we accept we are beat then we are beat. carpe donkum has no u tube channel and is still relevant on the national stage. it can be done, just alot harder to do. so yes the true test is do we have the will to force change.


He does but your point is still valid.


thanks bro, i do what i can to try and help everyone i can. youtube is not the way most people seem to think it is. i am working with them on a near daily basis to correct OVER enforcement of the policy. yes, they have some policy in play (for multiple niches, not just ours) that is restrictive but that is because of liability and advertising reasons more than a run of corporate bias through the company. for the most part, they do not know about or care about firearm content or creators… but since i have been working with them, they have been making strikes to change all that. i believe some really cool stuff is on the horizon in the next few months, stuff that hopefully i can talk about, right now i can’t. if all that happens it will be very hard for gun content creators to bash on youtube nearly as much and be intellectually honest about it anyway.

on the topic of patreon… it is a WONDERFUL platform as well. the problem is, they too are a private company with policy that you need to understand. that policy has absolutely nothing to do with firearms per say, more so about regulated goods, which sadly, includes firearms. that said, so long as you are not dropping discount codes and direct links, you are fine. patreon also has some weird policies on giveaways, but those can be handled by simply changing the language you use. giveaways, raffles and things of that nature are often regulation by the attorneys general office, most states have strict rules and laws, that are broken constantly but that does not mean they do not exist. so again, liability issues there too.

what i HATE seeing is how patreon is basically only used for money, financial support. it is a great place to interact with your biggest followers, those that truly become your friends. there are all kinds of things you can do through that platform to make their support worthwhile, really work for it. but, most creators just, take the money and run so to speak, great tune by the way. LOL

my perspective on these social media platforms comes from 20 years in the tech industry along with having lots of contacts within the companies, it does not come from some talking head on high just trying to stir up trouble, fear monger, etc. unfortunately that is all too often the point of “education” for most on the subject. prime example was a post the other day by, will omit the name. he claimed facebook was threatening to take down his page over a copyright claim. turns out it was a phishing email and not even facebook. did he post a retraction to clear it up and be transparent or honest? nope, ran with it.

i see channels all the time cry about monetization but it as simple as them not following the rules, yet they tell their viewers they are doing nothing wrong. yeah buddy, discount codes to regulated goods is against policy therefore you are doing wrong.

does anyone remember not long ago, maybe a year or two when Youtube channels were getting whacked one after another? that is not happening anymore. many channels, those who have educated themselves and work with youtube are making a lot of money. heck the revenue on my little channel is about 40% over the last month or so, has been rising since the new self certification system went into play and continues to rise… admittedly as I grow.

finally i want to speak to alternative platforms, they are GREAT and i have forever preached about diversification of platform. but reality is reality. youtube is not going anywhere anytime soon, they continue to roll with the flow, morph, grow and change with the times. they are also a loss leader, in place for Google to make money off AdSense, not YouTube itself. if you take that into consideration PLUS the sheer amount of overheard, infrastructure, employees, etc… it is highly improbably, but not impossible for anyone to build such a platform or even close. AND, even if they did, well, remember what i said about youtube losing money, yeah, wouldn’t last long unless they found a way to fund it without the giant that is google behind them.

while i do like and use platforms such as FULL30, GunStreamer, Brighteon, UGETubee, etc they have two MASSIVE drawbacks.

#1 they are for the most part echo chambers which offer no reach, no opportunity to bring in people, to change minds, etc. if we are not doing that as a channel, or heck as a 2A movement, we are dying.

#2 is the mass appeal problem and why i think youtube is going no where anytime soon. those platforms like Brighteon pop up, the tout free speech, anything welcome, which is great, sounds good for sure. but reality is that the weirdos who can’t post their videos about the the latest gay catholic priest illuminati child molestors get over there and, well, make it weird, not mainstream. we need a platform with the money and the vision to go mainstream from the jump, not be the weirdo reject corner.

i watch WAY more other content than gun content, so i use youtube, most other people do to, so it is FAR more beneficial for us to work with them, abide by their playground rules, which again to me are not unreasonable and continue to reach hundreds and thousands, hopefully millions, rather than preaching to a choir.

there is is, yeah i know, a war a peace ramble on clovertac’s thoughts about social media, big platforms, etc. if you have made it this far in reading, bless you. if you haven’t and want to pick my thoughts apart anyway, even out of context, go ahead, my opinions, thoughts and experiences are not popular and i know this.

but to close, i am genuinely here to help anyone who wants help navigate some of this stuff as best i can. further other creators are always welcome to join our live creator chats every thursday night if they want. just hit me up with a message or email or whatever so i can get you on that invite list.

OK, should have left to go buy some ammo for this T&E project 30 minutes ago but you freaking guys got me all tuned up…



thank you for that. as an outsider there is what i think is going on, and then there is reality. i was hoping some one with actual experience would speak up on this from a perspective on how the game is played. i agree utube is not going any where, but options are growing and awareness is also. thanks again and please feel free to opine more on the topic. it remains to be seen if i can create interesting watchable content to help pull eyes towards the freedom side!


I think the major problem with Youtube is the inconsistent way the “police” content creators conservative tend to run into much more trouble than leftist. Maybe it utube or maybe it is mediamatters that pay people to look for things to be offended by and flag utube creators. I’m not sure which it is or both. In the end if youtube changes great I’m not going to hold my breath.


while i agree utub is not going any where i still believe it needs to abandoned in a major way on the conservative side for a better option.


Yeah, listening to people try and warn us and get us motivated to fight sex trafficking and human sacrifice is weird isn’t it ?

BTW. how do you make that not weird?

I caught about 30 minutes of the podcast you put up today, you lead well, dialogue well, even write well, you go out of your way to diversify firearms ownership…

Chris, those you put in the reject corner, they care man, but who listens to their uncomfortable, graphic, angry, frustrated, rejected stories?

Seeings as you have the skills to champion a cause, maybe reach out and interview one of those rejects, lend them your voice, see if you can help.

Why should we own firearms if we are unable to even offer protection with our words?


so first off, you are being lied too, whether it is intentional or not because the inconsistent enforcement of policy applies to ALL genres and niches including and a big one is LGBTQ, also many left wing political channels have taken hits too.

here is the issue, told to me a LONG time ago by my contacts and confirmed OVER and OVER with the over ruling of literally DOZENS and DOZENS of manual reviews…

they have uneducated people looking over videos they have no clue about AND the big issue… they have a LOT of employees meaning they have a LOT of LAZY employees. Joe Q Employee sees a gun video, LGBTQ, political video come across, he is not sure because he doesn’t know enough so he whacks it to be safe, cover his butt OR and more likely, he just makes an assumption that if it is some type of “conbroversial” topic that is is “probably” not compliant, whacks it and moves on to playing solitaire again. LOL


bro i HAVE talked to these guys and they are TOO FAR OUT for me, can’t do it and that is my point. firearm content is NOT too far out but yet to push to go over to those types of platforms that are covered up with that stuff. you are 100% right in that there is SOME legit stuff there but MOST of it is total conspiracy, silliness. that is the stuff i am talking about.


yeah, so we disagree because i don’t see the whole conservative VS liberal thing… if you have a broader swath of YouTube you know and communicate with as a fellow creator… who talks creator stuff ONLY, not politics, you know this. if you just hang around your niche and the people who think like you or the content you like, then yeah, you see it from that prism.


if you have pointed specific questions, i will do what i can including running them by any of my platform contacts. just let me know.


interesting. so from the inside you are saying there is as much censoring and shadow banning on the liberal side as the conservative? i did not expect that. certainly not the narrative i am used to! ill work on some questions for you. but now work is done and binge watching g.o.t is my biggest concern.


I have heard from people who have “contacts” at youtube and still end up in legal disputes with them. If you have specific examples of leftist material getting demonetized or flagged I would be happy to take a look for myself so that I can make up my own mind. If not then my opinion of youtube and its practices will remain the same.****


Well, since its owned by Google, which is owned by Alphabet inc

which is Chinese

I’d say you stuck well to your guns


I switched to DuckDuckGo in the past year, and the only thing I’m really missing about Google search is its calculator.