YT-Full30 Channels sync


I’ve noticed that some content creators aren’t uploading their videos to Full30 as often yet are very active on YT. For example: Tim, Greg, Don, Mike (Mrgunsgear) and Rob are very ‘loyal’ to Full30, sometimes a little behind compared to their respective YT channels but otherwise pretty much sync’d. Eric and Chad are waaaay behind. Not that they are bad content creators, they’re just not as active around here.

Perhaps there’s a way to sync the respective YT channels with the Full30 web site?


The problem is views. Content creators with a large following on youtube are getting more views on youtube vs full30.


YT has won the social media battle. They’re even bigger than FB. Personally, I am disgusted with FB because of their crappy anti gun policy and that huge and hideously annoying ‘sign up’ bar which makes it impossible to read FB content. I’m not on YT either because I’m not a fan of anything related to Gmail and simply do not want to bother with it. I just watch the channels I like when I have the time, I’m old school and work by means of bookmarks. I wish Larry would make longer and more in depth videos, but he is very busy running his classes so I can understand why he’s a relatively minor channel. I am also somewhat active on TFB, but not as of lately. I simply don’t have the time as my job is very demanding.


some day I hope to be large enough to get the invite to full 30. I like this site better than YT and like the commercials much more.


One bad part is, Full30 has an indexer problem. At times, an uploaded video is not visible to subscribers. And it does not appear that the owners of the site care about it. Or perhaps they don’t have a technical resource to fix up the technical problem with the lagging indexes.


I can’t even watch the videos on Full30 anymore. It says I need to register again but then I get an error saying that my email address is already in use. I tried multiple times but just don’t bother anymore. YT has won. Full30 still has bugs that need to be worked out. I only use it as a forum but watch the content creators on YT (MAC, Valor Ridge, Mrgunsngear, Iraqvet, Hickok, Skinnymedic and InRange). I can only follow a few gun related channels because my job is very demanding and I simply have very little time as a result. Various things compete for my leisure time and guns aren’t my only interest.