Zeke Shoots here


Hey guys, Zeke with Zeke Shoots here, I was not aware that the site log in and forum log in are two separate things. anewhoo… I make build videos, general tutorials, review videos and history videos. Still on YouTube, UgeTube and a few others. If you are curious about Kalashnikovs, drop in on a live stream and ask .


Good to see you here Brother. We have a few AK guys here, but I’m definitely one of them and it’s nice to have a guy of your AK aptitude here.


Thank you. not sure how much you know about them, but if you ever have any questions. feel free to ask.


Welcome @ZEKESHOOTS! Glad you’re here


I have converted, re crowned, riveted, made safety. Custom m4 adapting with original Hungarian rear trunnion. I’m going to be doing a 1965 Romanian RPK kit after a HK G3A4 kit gets done, etc etc. I wish there was more time in a day to be honest.
But not anything at your level, and I definitely will ask you for help when I need it. Thank you!


I have been wanting to build a Romanian MD 65. Everyone always talks me out of it. I do want to build a full stock TYPE 68. I think that will be my next.


Both are cool! Do it before parts kits get any more expensive. I can’t believe they have gotten this high. I was going to get a galil parts kit, but after all the parts it was around $1,200.00 so that is going to be on the back burner for now.


Honestly. Give it a few more months. There is a Uge Surplize coming.


Roger that. Sounds good to me!


Welcome, ZEKESHOOTS. Great to have someone with such strong knowledge on AK’s.

Question for you: what do you think about Arsenal AK’s - are they worth the money? Are they the best?

What about Saiga AK’s? Do you like them? Are they worth considering?

Lastly: Which AK’s do you think are the best overall and which are best value?

Thank you for any feedback.


Welcome to the forum. Stick around. You’ll like it here.


Deleted my account there a couple weeks back

Welcome to Full30! We are thrilled to have you here and look forward to seeing what you have to share with us! Thanks so much for joining our fight for 2a rights,and please let us know how we can help with your fight too.


As far as the arsenal. Can’t say they are much “better” than a wasr in the same caliber, are they the best? I wouldn’t say that. Then again, this is coming from a builder who has handled many many original kits and legit real deal aks one thing I can say. Don’t buy one just because you hear “fanboys” recommend them. Look them over. Pass if it looks off. They are nice. Nust not that nice lol.
. . Saigas are great. I have a .223 variant. If you come across one, look around. Be sure the price isn’t too crazy.
Personally, I would be more likely to say that building your own would be your best option. Then again if you can’t. I would grab a wasr or grab an older Hungarian. It is entirely possible to get a turd in any AK. Just as any product. Look it over. Kick the tires. Pull the dip stick. If you can take it for a drive. Do so. Lol.


Thanks for the feedback, ZEKESHOOTS.

I wouldn’t build one, but looks like Arsenal, Saiga, Wasr, or older Hungarian, would work ok.

What about milled versus stamped, receivers? Which is better?


I prefer stamped. In the wild it comes down to weight. Milled will gerally be more accurate due to being stiffer. The average shooter will never notice a difference.


I really like the AK74/AK47 Firearms, but in my humble opinion I think we left out a very high quality AK. The question is where do you stand on the Russian VEPR AKM’s?


Now you found out why I don’t like the Arsenal aks. Dang. I’m found out. Lol.



VEPR FM-11 5.45x39

Fluted super VEPR .308


In all fairness I have not yet run into a Arsenal that had problems to be honest.
I’m sure they are around, but they have all ran like tops for me.

Milled SAS M-7, 7.62x39

SLR-105, 5.45x39

SAM-7SF 7.62x39


Here are a few of mine. I have seen some Arsenals that would make you sad. not as many as I have WASRS, but there have been some.