Zeke Shoots Live Stream Tonight


Zeke will be doing his stream tonight. I will be in the chat. I hope to see you guys there. It starts at 8:30 central, but he usually opens up the chat a little early. There are a good group of guys in the chat, who will help with any AK questions you may have. And there are lots of other type gun and misc. conversations too. You don’t have to be an AK guy to have a good time.


@Robert we need you in the stream. There are a few people that can’t start a thread for introduction. I’m trying to help, but I’m bad at tech questions.


We are experiencing some issues with the stream at the moment. never mind @Robert. i believe I have the questions sorted out.


Yeah, Zeke made the tragic “mistake” of titling the stream “Air-soft” Youtube is really down on air-soft lately. They literally kept taking him down as soon as he got it back going. This is why we need places like Full30, Gunstreamer, etc…Youtube is not our friend. I really hope someone like Full30, will put forth a streaming solution. Zeke Shoots as well as my channel Glockshooter 79 have had great success with our streams. But it could all end at any time with Youtube.


lol, sorry, us elderly need our rest and can’t hang with you young’ins that late :grampa:


Meh. You can hang…It wasn’t that late :sleeping:


Streaming live now. I am taking call ins if you guys want to call in 872-256-4774




Might not be able to get home in time to do the stream tonight. I might fire ear bleed up after I get home for the faithful. Really wanted to do my Polish variant stream tonight. Guess it might have to wait til Thursday.


Sounds good Brother. Try to get some rest if you can.


Oh good. I had a bad fight with my ears today. A good suffering session of ear bleed should do the trick. :rofl:


Looks like I am good to go in ten. Isn’t a rest issue lol. Life issue more like.


Good, I was hoping for something to listen to while plowing. I hope everything is ok.


Ear bleed…Just what the doctor ordered. :hushed:


I will do replays for you after i get done gabbing


It was good to see as many of you as I did. Great turnout. When I have these things I do tend to open phone lines. You guys are welcome to call in.


Yes, zeke is right. Otherwise you will just hear me call in, and let’s face it if Zeke and I start talking; it will be a long long night! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


This stream will be going until 5 am.