This is that special photo that would be a great thumb nail. delivered as promise :rofl:

@ZEKESHOOTS @switchpod @MatteoThirteenSeventyOne @Glockshooter79

#EverydayIsWorthyOfaTaco #taco


:grinning: awesome, but … no fire sauce!?!

I love that picture Mike!


That is awesome. Good job man. Maybe Zeke will incorporate this pic into his slide shows.

Although it is hard to get pics inserted into it. lol

One more time…this is cool as hell. You did a good job.

You have a lot of nice pics Mike


thank you it was a spare of the moment thing. :rofl:


Much appreciated, ran by the store and just did this one really fast that is Zeke’s catch line Taco Bell. But I’m trying to figure out one for you though, the hard part LOL I think it would make a good slideshow picture for a break in a livestream so that everyone could have a good Amusement while they wait from come back from Taco Bell resupply run


This is great. I’m going to use this. Lol.