Zeke Shoots


Zeke this is Albert are you there




He is not here very often every couple of days
Is there something that one of us can help you with


I stop in every couple of days. What’s up?


You had a link on youtube. I decided to go to it the people here helped me so… here I be… I will use you as my test here are some pictures of my AMD-65 build I am attempting to do…


Looks good. Too bad actual Hungarian stocks are so expensive. What receiver are you using?


It’s marked Kalishnikov made in USA from Centerfire Systems. The wood is Romanian I got from APEX surplus. The kit is from Classic Firearms numbers matching with a US made barrel. Magazine is Bulgarian.


I was wondering about those KUSA receivers. The one with the trigger guard installed. Does it look like a morrisey?


Yes it is a morrisey


I figured as much. They are good, just everyone uses them. Manufacturers that is.