While all of it is not metal, this is the forum that seemed the best fit.

Who’s up on all the ZEV OZ9 “stuff?”

  • How many have been sold?
  • I don’t see much discussion, after the release, of this pistol on the usual forums. Had the interest died off? Am I looking in the wrong places?
  • Does one’s trigger finger drag the inside bottom of the trigger guard as mine does on a standard Glock?

Did I read the price of this correctly,


Its just more of the same, neat stuff, but once you’ve seen one fancy striker fire haven’t you seen them all?


Yep, some of the models list that high. That’s expensive, especially for a striker-fired gun, but not out of line with what Gucci Glocks cost from folks such as Agency Arms.

To me, the “interesting” part of this design is the 4140 machined “frame” that the slide fits to and the polymer grips attach to. That makes it an all metal gun with a polymer grip.

The “frame” has machined slide rails much like our metal favorites such as 1911, CZ, Beretta, and High Powers. The slide’s RDS cut is so deep that suppressor height sights are not needed to co-witness the irons.

Keep in mind that I am no fan of Glocks. They are super reliable and very effective tools. But they have no soul.

The ZEV OZ9 combines the enormous customization choices from dozens of companies (ZEV included) with a different style (I like the Citadel slide much better than the fancified ones) and metal in all the places that metal needs to be.

But I don’t know if this is a niche, dead-end, product. Hence my post.


Good description, I’d put the money into a 2011 or 1911


My interest is in a high-capacity IDPA/USPSA competition pistol that can easily be equipped with an RDS (either for fun or for future eyesight considerations).

That would be a 2011, if they let in into CO.