ZMBPistoleer says HI!


Just to say Hi and figure out what I’m doing. I found this by accident but have to say I’m glad I did. I just want a place to learn about all aspects of shooting without all the politics. I live and work in Texas and have a wife and three boys, I’m also a Deacon at the Church and am getting to that point in life where I enjoy a quiet life and like it that way but would be happy to discuss anything gun related anytime. Thanks for your time.

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Thank you for your hello Deacon!

Quick someone warn the pastor @Rsquare


Welcome to full30!


Send it to me, I’ll do it. :wink:


I have to say I like anything that goes bang but the last couple of years I have started leaning more towards 9mm but still enjoy my .40s when I get the chance.


You’ll love our civil cartridge debates then. :+1:


I appreciate your kind and generous offer but I feel that it would be detrimental to my DIY learning process


Sure thing! They will be there if you ever get the urge to read them. :+1:


Welcome to Full30 @ZMBPistoleer Good to have you here. Sometimes we get political, just ignore those. Many of us are content creators here and have a lot of knowledge to offer.

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Welcome @ZMBPistoleer
Great to have you here!


Welcome to the forum Brother!


Welcome to full30!


Then you will certainly enjoy this forum. We have a wide variety of topics and engaging conversations. Welcome aboard!



Welcome to the forum! Glad you found us.


That’s a serious pistol bud


I dont own a 1911 right now, My Les Baer HW was better looking then that one though. I just feel theres something divine about .45 acp 1911s .


To each his own
I’ve worked on a lot of les Baer pistols generally they don’t need work
Just tuning per preference of the owner
Great pistol builders
A bit overpriced imo but nowadays in the 1911 world there middle of the road pistols
Cabot guns and specialized builders like Jesse James
You can’t get into one of rhere pistols for under 4 or 5k


I had all the mim removed from my LB, that was it. Didnt need it but it seemed like the cool thing to do at the time. When I get back into1911s I will stick to Colt,SA or DW, I dont like spending over 2k on pistol.


Agreed I like workhorses too
It’s hard to drop the coin in a 8000 dollar jjfu or Cabot
But it’s nice to think about