Zombie Apocalypse Gear - AND GO!

I have shared my list… what are you picks for melee, blade, side arm and long arm?


For melee, I would go with my Vietnam Era milsurp folding shovel.

It’s dual-purpose. You can whack the zombie with one end, then bury it with the other.

:laughing: :laughing:


yep, that is a good choice, anything that you can use in multiple ways is going to be a huge plus


Of course all of the following is assuming I’m on foot. The reality today is that I will never be. I’ll be at home dropping zombies as they come onto my land. I’ll also have lots more to choose from, when staying home, as any of us would.

If I had the body I had 20 years ago (This old warrior has blunt fangs and claws) the entrenching tool would be good for a melee that I would do everything I could to avoid today. Lots of ammo drops zombies before it gets to that point, so does looking before leaping and keeping ones mind on what needs to be done and not getting sidetracked. At least that’s what I’ve noticed in the various zombie documentaries that I’ve seen.

Blade? Fuggedaboudit! Even worse than the melee that I would avoid.

Sidearm and long arm choice gets more difficult. Zombies only or 2 legged scum that survived to prey on other folks who still live? If zombies only .22 will do to scramble their brains and we all know from the various documentaries that’s what it takes. My KelTec CP33 for sidearm 'cause round count is important and 33 rounds beats 10 rounds of most others. For long gun another CP33 set up as a SBR or arm braced. I can carry a lot of .22 ammo. This combo would allow me to put out a lot of mousegun lead with high accuracy and not weigh a lot.

If 2 legged villains are to be part of the zombie world and I was on foot, the long gun would be my very light weight AR with 16" pencil barrel that I set up years ago. I weighed it just the other night and it weighed ~5#. Since then I removed an overly large and heavy red dot and put a micro red dot on it and the heavyish butt stock is coming off and a Battlelink MFT minimalist will be going on it. I want to get decisively under 5# for the bare gun, but it can’t happen; under 6# absolutely can happen*. Of course adding a can so as not to attract zombies adds weight, so does a loaded mag.

I took this gun to the LGS yesterday 'cause they had never seen a Brigand Arms hand guard before. As the gent behind the counter handled it his comment was,“It feels like a toy.”. It does carry pretty easily. It’s the rifle I wish I had 50 years ago when I wore OD, but of course 50 years ago it couldn’t even be assembled from parts as I did mine “today”.

*It has the carbon fiber hand guard, pencil barrel, carbon fiber lower, and w/o the LMT buttstock weighs 5# 3oz’. Add on the MFT stock (6oz) for 5# 9oz’ finished weight after it arrives. With the current LMT stock it weighs 5# 14oz’. The loss of 5 oz’ won’t make that much of a difference for carrying long distances, which I never plan on doing anymore, but it will make a difference in balance. Adding the carbon fiber fore end changed the balance far more than I anticipated. Another ounce will be added to the foreend with the addition of a 5 slot rail section, again, when it arrives. I have yet to fire this from the bench, but with the old A2 carbine length handguard it would shoot sub MOA, again, from the bench and leaving myself out of the shooting equation as much as possible. After free floating the barrel I would expect the same or better. Fingers crossed.

Edited to add pic’


Assuming zombies are the only problem, and you have to head-shoot them…my choice is the following:

Rawlings aluminum baseball bat.
Ruger 10/22 with BC Steel Lips 25rd mags.
High Standard Double Nine.

A backpack full of .22lr for the Ruger and some CB shorts for the revolver (for those quiet moments.) Love that my revolver can shoot any type of .22…short, long, long rifle, subsonic to hyper velocity and it just don’t care lol.



I wont ask


Any planning for weapons, has to start by asking one simple question…

Are we dealing with fast moving zombies, or slow moving zombies? That one detail will be a factor in how much you want to keep them farther away from you (polearms vs shorter weapons, in melee combat, and caliber and optics for guns)).


For Scottish zombies. Because a zombie in a kilt is a zombie and a half.

(Lochaber axe)



And, in Asia . . . .


Very cool!


Heavy, but one swing’s enough. Hook is also good for dragging zombies off of horseback. :wink:


In the various documentaries I’ve noticed that European zombies have the strain that allows running. US zombies only sorta shuffle. Canada? I dunno.



Canadian zombies just apologize eh






customized aluminum baseball bat,
Custom katana
Sabor tooth fighting knife
Glock G19X suppressed
And at the moment… LWRC IC-6 rifle suppressed



The zombie apocalypse rifle is finished. Well enough so that I can show a “finished” picture. I might add another rail to the top of the handguard to give a sling point and most everyone here would see the change, other folks wouldn’t. Other than that, it’s done.

The goal was a very light AR. Why? Most rifles get carried far more than fired and I like light rifles. OK, truth be told, I’m on a light gun kick lately. I wish this had been my issued rifle 50 years ago, but the parts didn’t exist. I really disliked the M16 A1 I was issued.

I actually started this rifle maybe 20 years ago, the exact time is lost in the fog of what is my mind today. If I remember correctly it started out as a Bushmaster pencil barrel rifle (or did I buy just the upper? IDR). Then I added a carbon fiber lower and added a target trigger because I pretty much loathe GI (lousy) triggers. It languished all this time with the A2 type handguard because nothing I saw grabbed me until I saw the Brigand Arms woven carbon fiber “lattice” type handguards, but even when I learned of them I still waited. I’d been wanting to free float the barrel all of those years and pencil barrels can’t have too much cooling. Anyway, the BA handguard was installed. I didn’t have a low profile gas block, but I had the gas block that was already on the rifle. So I ground off everything that wasn’t a low profile gas block. 2 coats of matte grey Aluma Hyde finished it. But the BA handguard threw off the balance and heck, the goal was cutting weight so I removed the LMT buttstock added a Battlelink MFT minimalist adjustable buttstock. I could have removed the buffer tube and put on a round one and found an even lighter non-adjustable stock, but I like to be able to adjust the LOP as clothing is added and removed based on weather. Plus I’d been using the MFT stock for awhile in competition and like it.

For all of those years it wore a Accupoint Red dot, but in the interest of weight I put on the Holosun . Another product I’m very familiar with due to competition .

The finished rifle weighs 5# 9 5/8 ozs. If I add the 2nd rail it will get up to 5# 10 ozs. 20 years after I started it I’m tickled that I was able to remove so much weight from it. It feels like a toy. The pencil barrel will heat up rapidly, but also cool rapidly and with the open nature of the BA handguard the only way to get more cooling is to add active cooling.

Why does the flash hider not look like a GI birdcage type? It’s a Surefire QD flash hider.

I think it’ll do zombies, and thankfully, while incorporating many aspects of the M16 A1 of decades ago that I liked, it is definitely NOT that rifle! (I think the triangular and brittle handguards are why I disliked it so much. It never felt right to me and I always thought it was going to break.)

Edit: a picture would be nice.